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15/08/2014 · The 3 CMOS sensors equipped medium format cameras have been game changers in the industry. Photographers can finally use a medium format camera on location or even better, in low light situations. The test is going to compare these 3 cameras by professional photographer Yankov Wong as if it was a real photo shoot. Yankov Wong is a. I couldn’t be happier with the camera I used, and with the colors and textures we were able to achieve with it. I shot with the Phase One XF IQ250, mostly with the 35mm and 55mm lenses. During the day we used natural light with some reflectors and during the night – flash lights and lots of experimentation. This is the most extraordinary place I've ever been and this priest is one of the most incredible subjects I've been lucky enough to shoot.” - Mauro De Bettio photography Shot with Phase One XFIQ250Schneider Kreuznach 55mm LS f/2.8 phaseonephoto phaseonexf mediumformat portraitphotography documentaryphotography. Phase One XF 100MP 的1 億像素中片幅感光元件,其面積為 53.7 x 40.4mm,比全片幅大約 2.5 倍。如此推算,中片幅像素過億,某程度上也算理所當然。再說,Canon 早前已公布能夠開發 2.5 億像素的 APS-H 片幅的 CMOS,換句話說,Sony 能製造 1 億像素感光元件,在技術上應該. 10/07/2015 · Phase One offers interchangeable focusing screens to match the back in use. I was using the model designed for the IQ250 back, which is basically plain with a central circle marker to indicate where the AF sensor is looking. The screen appears nice and big in the finder, and in manual focus mode it is easy to see what is and what isn't sharp.

Phase One. 193K likes. Welcome to the official Phase One page. Join us on the ride to see what the world's best photography is made of! For tech. PHASE ONE IQ3 / IQ1 / XFカメラシステムへのアップグレードはこちら プロフェッショナルの新スタンダード PHASE ONE IQ3シリーズ+XF Camera Systemはこちら IQ4 デジタルバックに最適化されながらも非常にコンパクト、かつ堅牢・精密に設計されたデジタル フィールド. 04/02/2016 · Perché Phase One parla di full frame? Il motivo è legato alle ottiche per il sistema XF: il sensore riesce a sfruttare al 100% l’angolo di campo che riescono ad offrire a differenza della precedente Phase One IQ250. La sensibilità si estende da ISO 50 a ISO 12.800 con 15 stop di gamma dinamica. Fujifilm XF 200mm F2 R LM OIS WR sample gallery DPReview TV 20 images. Phase One 645DF and IQ250 back: 28 images Jul 10, 2015. Fujifilm XF 16mm f/1.4 R.

03/10/2016 · The form factor of the IQ3 100MP back is much the same as the IQ250 that I tested with the 645DF, but now offers HDMI as well as USB 3 for tethering the rig to a PC. Phase One doesn’t declare that the back can record video, but with the back tethered to a TV or monitor it can stream video, and. Investing in refurbished gear like a used Phase One or Mamiya Leaf Medium Format Digital Back doesn’t mean you shouldn’t receive the same service and support as a client purchasing new. We know you can get your digital backs and cameras from other places, but consider what you get when you buy your camera system from Digital Transitions. 26/01/2014 · Evidentemente Hasselblad non è però l'unica ad utilizzare questa tipologia di sensore che dovrebbe essere prodotto da Sony, dato che, a breve distanza, giunge l'annuncio di Phase One, che brucia sul tempo la rivale mettendo in vendita IQ250, un.

24/01/2014 · Phase One IQ250: Kamerarückteil mit 50 Megapixeln zum Preis eines Autos. Phase One hat ein digitales Mittelformat-Kamerarückteil mit CMOS-Technik vorgestellt, das eine Auflösung von 50 Megapixeln erreicht. Das IQ250 arbeitet bis ISO 6.400 und kann so auch bei schlechten Lichtverhältnissen benutzt werden.04/01/2016 · L’azienda danese Phase One ha annunciato oggi la nuova XF 100MP, fotocamera modulare full frame a medio formato dotata di sensore CMOS da ben 100 megapixel destinata ai fotografi professionisti. XF 100MP riesce a fornire immagini grandangolari ad.Used Phase One IQ250 Digital Back. read more. Availability In Stock. Used Phase One IQ250 Digital Back. Average Rating. Price £9,239.00. Ex-Demo Phase One XF Waist Level finder. read more. Ex-Demo Phase One XF Waist Level finder. Average Rating. Price.24/01/2014 · Phase One has announced the 'world's first CMOS-based digital camera back' - the 50MP IQ250. It uses a 44x33mm sensor, which is 68% larger in area than 35mm full frame, and equates to a 1.3x crop of the standard 645 format. Until now medium.

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Capture Integration Exclusive: Phase One IQ250 by Candlelight!. rates and true live video and yeilds 6 images captured every 5 seconds without any slow down of capture on the new IQ250. Phase One’s answer for high ISO up until now was to use pixel binning to combine four pixels into one larger pixel for increased sensitivity called Sensor. Impressions on Fuji GFX and Phase ONE 11:20 am, March 26, 2017. I recently had the chance to test the new Fuji GFX 50S. German FineArtPrinter magazine organised a workshop for testing and comparing the Fuji GXF 50S and the Hasselblad X1D. "Ethiopia's 'church in the sky' is arguably the most inaccessible place of worship on earth, perched on top of a vertical spire of rock and 200m drops. 07/12/2011 · Phase One IQ180: 80 megapixels of lavish color. At nearly $48,000 just to get started, this medium-format camera system better be good. It is--if you take care before snapping the shot.

  1. The Phase One XF IQ3 100/50MP or 645DF with IQ250 back supports Live View in Manual or Aperture Priority modes only. All IQ3/2 series backs support live view with Capture Pilot when tethered to a Mac/Windows computer running Capture One.
  2. In 2014, Phase One launched a medium format digital back with a CMOS/active pixel sensor: The IQ250. All Phase One digital backs launched prior to the IQ250 have sensors based on the CCD Charge-coupled device technology. In 2015, Phase One introduced the XF camera system.
  3. 10/03/2014 · The Phase One IQ250 $34,990 is the first medium format image capture device with a CMOS image sensor to come to market in recent memory. Two other CMOS medium format cameras are set to ship this year; the Hasselblad H5D-50c was announced at the same time as the 50-megapixel IQ250, and the Pentax 645D 2014 has been previewed at the.
  4. Designed in-house by Phase One, the XF Camera System represents a fundamental re-engineering of all key elements in a modern camera system. With robust, aerial-grade mechanics, advanced electronics, a new autofocus platform, new modularity options, new software and customizable touch controls, this system is based on more than 20 years of.

Phase One IQ250 - 50MP CMOS Digital Back.

2. Does the IQ250 really perform at ISO6400? Yes. With previous Phase One digital backs it was an open secret that the highest stated ISO was questionable in quality as is usually the case with whatever a manufacturer says their highest ISO is. Phase One P30 Digital-Rückteil Back für Phaseon o. Phase one p30 digital-rückteil back für phaseon. Phase one v-grip compatibile con le fotocamere mamiya df, mamiya df, phase one df e phase one df. vendo motore per renault clio rs sport phase 1, monta anche su phase 2. di segu. The Phase One XF and IQ350 digital back goes for $34,990 USD at the moment. When I was considering both systems the Phase One XF / IQ350 went for $40,990 USD. Suffice it to say that right now the Phase One XF/IQ350 setup is significantly pricier than the Hasselblad.

  1. Tech Camera Users Unite The release of the Phase One IQ250 has excited many tech camera users for a few reasons Live View: Since tech cameras don’t have viewfinders; the IQ250’s fast live view promises much easier focusing and composition. Dynamic Range: The ultra clean shadows and great highlight recovery of the IQ250 will scenes with.
  2. Rent Phase One Equipment from Teamwork Digital. With our incredible rental prices, you can get your hands on Phase One equipment from Teamwork Digital for just a fraction on the retail price. Take the latest Phase One IQ4 150MP digital back with a Phase One XF camera and prime lens for just £425 .
  3. One-hour Long Exposure. The IQ250 delivers long exposures of up to one hour and produce 50 megapixel captures that are virtually noise free. 1.3 Lens Factor Micro Lenses. Like the Phase One P30 Built-in Wireless Technology. Connect your iOS device wirelessly to the IQ250 digital back and enhance your capture process and productivity.

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